A childlike spirit of discovery underlies all the work of Susanne S.D Themlitz. Executed in a variety of media, including drawing, sculpture, ceramics, photography and video, her work playfully ignores the distinction between genres.

A panorama of interwoven happenings is the delicate result of her created world - a world which moves seamlessly from the sculptural to the pencil-drawn realm. The household and industrial objects that she utilises in her sculptural works take on an unexpectedly lifelike quality as ruinous fragments of our everyday are arranged to form tenuously balanced assemblages. These assemblages subsequently embark on an intense dialogue with her drawings. Through her works' on going and anarchic relationship to proportion - literally big in relation to small, she encourages us to look at our surroundings afresh. We as the viewer are invited to partake in her systematic daydreaming - prompting renewed scrutiny of our own dreams and illusions.


The hatter and the hare are trying to put the dormouse into the teapot.

This may be their route to freedom.


Katja Davar in: Alligators all Around at Kunstraum Düsseldorf