They do not ask for love or mercy. They have no hope and make no friends.


Hidden in the darkness, they avoid potential enemies.


Even when blinded, they believe the light to be dangerous. As soon as one turns on the light in the kitchen they seek shelter.


They are always ready to look for food.


They do not have any responsabilities after procreation.


They are misfits: They don't like what they are, but they would hate being something else. In their opinion all creatures deserve to be absolutely despised.


Occasionally the feeling of offence is irresistible and then they try to take revenge by biting - but they show no enthusiasm.


The environment serves as a shield against their enemies. They move between a wall on one side and an abyss on the other.


They are explorers and surviving pioneers.


They are manipulated manipulators.


They remember the good done to them as much as the dangers they went through.


They can run away from almost anything and they prefer to do so: a long jump is no problem.


They can reach a frightening size.


Strengh is most useful to them because they have to earn their living under the most varied difficult conditions.


When they meet parasites, they plunge their foot right in and wait until it is totally covered by these mad bugs. Then they sit and lick their foot with pleasure.


Bold is the predator who carelessly approaches their powerful breasts.


They only travel when it is absolutely necessary.


They make themselves comfortable in the cosiest corner.


They are domesticable; if one is not interested in them, they get bored.


They love to pretend. When they look around they see something else.


Memories are profuse and confused.


Values have no meaning for them. One can not tell a "she" from a "he" without the help of an autopsy (it is highly probable that they themselves have the same problem).


They lead an uncertain and unpleasent life; they are always on the defensive.


They have always been vigorously active. Suddenly they become passive and their priority is the purpose of healing themselves.


They show wild intelligence and a skilful strategy in their strange behaviours.


They are individualistic jokers.


They do not believe objects can be considered out of context.


In the long run their temper seems to improve.


... (to be continued)