Breath. Pause – Between Two Points


The intermediate state. The synaptic power.

The constant reflection of the ongoing process of observation,
either close by, either faraway.

Always the landscape. The person. Here or there.

A restless multi-organism.


Permeable landscapes.

Suspended transformation.


Macrocosm, pulsating veins, arteries, mountains, rocks, bones.

The gaze on the hazy distance.


Stacked planes, non-topographical areas.

Mental landscapes. Emotional, perhaps?

Simple reflections on basic and banal dimensions.


Microscopies. Dissected space.



An expanding fragment of the panorama.


Accumulations. Reading along the lines.


The black spot – the night in which I sleep.



Drawing trajectories. Parallel times.


Dissolved moments. Silence.



For example, in a DIN A4.

An airtight unit. Where substance? Where empty? And the darkness? And the abyss? Floating? At what levels? Can I float there?

Breath, pause — between two points.


Description of the sculpture:

…a table. A fossil sits on a sphere. Like an anchor at its side, an oval mirror magnifies the swirls of paint on its surface, reflecting their image in an upward direction. The dull and rough edges of a silent amethyst contrast with the radiant brilliance of its inner core. A two meter forty long wood pole is attached to the table, almost vertical. Further down, leaning against the table, one A1 transparent sheet. Relative contours.